<a href="http://www.breakfasthouse.com/meat-eggs-breakfast/"><b>MEAT AND EGGS BREAKFAST</b></a><p>Three large fresh eggs will be prepared to your choice. Served</p> <a href="http://www.breakfasthouse.com/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet-consectetur-adipiscing-elit/"><b>SPECIALTY PANCAKES</b></a><p>(All of our pancakes are served with a choice of whipped</p> <a href="http://www.breakfasthouse.com/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet-consectetur-adipiscing-elit-2/"><b>FOUR EGG OMELETTES</b></a><p>All of our fluffy omelettes are made with fresh eggs. They</p> <a href="http://www.breakfasthouse.com/sandwiches/"><b>SANDWICHES</b></a><p>All sandwiches are served with choice of the following: home-made orzo</p>
Fantastic Pancakes

All of our pancakes are served with a choice of whipped orange, strawberry or vanilla bean honey cinnamon flavored butter and fresh whipped cream made in house.

Fresh Coffee

You will enjoy our fresh coffee, and delivered at its peak of freshness. also we serve Ice tea, Hot chocolate, Milk, Orange juice, Apple juice and more...

Get Creative

Create your own three topping Omelette. Hickory Smoked Ham, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Cherrywood Bacon, Italian hot link sausage, Smoked Bratwurst and more...

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We are committed to making as many ingredients as possible fresh, nutritious, locally grown, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and free of artificial preservatives. Our chefs must create the meal fresh in-house, rather than reheat something that was pre-made in a factory or commissary


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